St John’s Sundays

We love meeting as a whole church family. Rather than trying to put on a show or catering to all your needs in one hour, our aim is to do something together that is a demonstration and reminder of who God is, what He has done and is saying, who we are and the practices that help us to live that out.

We are always innovating as we go. We love to train new people in taking part, which helps to avoid becoming too slick!

Sunday is the family doing sabbath together in order to go and be the church in our various callings from Monday to Saturday.

We welcome many to serve and make the service happen alongside the staff and welcome new disciples into serving and learning.

If you have never been to church or want to invite a friend we are overjoyed to make new friends and help them explore getting to know Jesus and faith.

Community Sundays

On third Sundays we meet don't meet at the church building. We meet in Communities of Mission. We trust our community leaders to organise and arrange this.

What happens on the third weekend varies. It can look like events and meetings in homes, outdoors or elsewhere for worship, community and mission or a combination.

If you would like to explore joining a community, please get in touch!

St John’s Base

At our St. John’s Sunday morning service you’ll be joining about 150 others for worship, Biblical teaching and vision and opportunities for prayer. We welcome newcomers and visitors and are relaxed and informal in style (dress, casual). We have children and young people’s groups too.

1st Sunday | Multi-Generational
2nd Sunday | Communion
3rd Sunday | Meet in Communities of Mission
4th Sunday | Morning Celebration
5th Sunday | Thanksgiving

Coffee: 10.15am
Service Starts: 10.30am
Service ends: 12.15pm

Worship Nights

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday evening we will have an informal gathering on Sunday evenings which is just a non-stop hour of sung worship devoted to God. This will start at 7pm and finish at 8pm.

We will advertise the night during the morning services when they are on.