If you are looking to get your child christened- we’d love to help you explore that. If you want to find out about Christenings at St John’s, please do get in touch with the office. It will usually involve a visit from the vicar to chat through what is entailed and whether you are eligible. You can also find out more about Church of England christenings on their website- with details about what happens at the service, a step-by-step guide and a Light a Candle feature which encourages visitors to take a moment to pray for the child being christened.



If you are thinking about getting married- firstly congratulations! We believe marriage is an amazing gift of God, and we’d love to help you explore marriage further.

You can find out more about weddings on this brilliant Church of England website, which shows couples what happens in a Church of England wedding, step by step, to give you all the basic information before meeting the vicar.

To find out if you are able to get married at St John’s, and to find out what is involved, please get in touch with us at the church office.

We also run marriage preparation courses/days to help couples get ready for the big day, and for life together. Information about these can be found here.