2s & 3s

what For:

To grow as disciples we need accountability. We get to discuss the important things in our life with another disciple, help each other to hear God’s voice, and do what He is saying.
This is not about trying to be good or pointing out sins in a hopeless cycle, but about encouraging one another to greatness.


  • For an hour, in a single gender group

  • Choose a Bible book/chunk to read in the week between meeting (min. 20 chapters.) Or keep each other accountable on your regular reading rhythm.

  • Pray for three friends/family (who are people of peace or permanent relationships,) to become disciples of Jesus.

Ask each other these questions:

  1. How have you told other people about Jesus?

  2. What joys and struggles are you facing with friends and family?

  3. Is God saying anything to you about money, sex, or power at the moment?

  4. Have you balanced your time well? Between work and rest, serving God and others?

  5. Is there any anger or unforgiveness in your life?

  6. Is there an addiction or lack of discipline in your life that God wants to work on?

  7. What area of your life is God working on at the moment? Is there a good habit he is encouraging you to start? Is there anything to stop doing? What are you doing about it?

  8. Did you finish the Bible reading? (If one person hasn’t, all do it again.) What did God say to you? What are you going to do about it?

  9. Have you been completely honest with me?

  10. So what are you going to do? Set targets with one another, make a note and ask each other next week how you did.

  11. Pray for three friends/family/people of peace to come to know Jesus.

How often:

Every week. Whenever suits.